Starting a business is the most brilliant idea that can ever cross your mind. You not only become your own boss but also create jobs for others. Studies show that people start new businesses daily. But only a few survive for more than two years. Such information calls for caution as you decide to ditch your day job and start a business. Becoming practical and honest with yourself will help mitigate some of your fears.

Below are five steps you need to follow to become a successful business owner.

Do thorough research

Yes, you have a business idea. That’s very good! But how many more people share the same idea?  And that’s not the actual problem. Getting a unique business idea requires you to be very innovative. Even if you share your business idea with others, how are you going to make a difference? You need to do thorough research. See how people in the same business as yours provide their services. How is the product, and how can you make it look a little better than theirs? Find a financial advisor in Portland to help you with all your business research. With a financial advisor on board, you won’t have to go through a lot of research work because he/she will have the information you need.

Make a plan

After doing research, now make a business plan. It will help you put some reality into your business idea. A business plan will guide you from the start till the time it begins generating profits.  If you want to become a successful business owner, then a business plan is a must-have document.

Plan your finances

It is not easy to plan your finances without a professional financial advisor. If you have no idea where to get one, find a financial advisor in Portland. They will use their expertise, skills, and experience to make your business successful. You will need data such as the licenses required, insurance, legal fees, trademark to mention a few.

Establish a business structure

Many small businesses are sole proprietor. But it is your decision to finalize whether you want a partnership, sole proprietor, or a limited liability company. Keep in mind that your choice will affect the name of your business, liability, as well as the way you file taxes.

Register your business name

Picking a business name isn’t easy. The name may affect your potential customers and the brand. So choose with care. Also, check if the name belongs to someone else. If not then go ahead and register it. You can now apply for the licenses and permits as you find the most suitable location for your business.

Bottom Line

With such information, you now have an idea of the steps to follow when starting a new business. Make sure you make a business plan that will guide you through the process. Also, getting a financial advisor on board with you from the beginning will help you establish and run your business smoothly.


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